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Whee random uploads again. I’m a very eclectic music collector so there’s something for EVERYONE. ^_^ I try to give a description of each band or artist so that you know what you’re getting into. ^_^ Please thank me if you do download. ^^

Uploads are alphabetized meticulously by artist and then within that by song title o.o


Requests (These are copy and pasted from the last time I uploaded because since then I lost a majority of my music and what was given to me. D: But now I have an external drive and life is good. ^^)

I have some requests, hope you don't mind...It's a long list but oh well...I've gotten back a lot of what I lost with my last computer fuck up but there are some bands and stuff I still want but lack.

( Requests )

( Uploads )

Was gonna up more but i got tired of doing it.
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