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Whee random uploads again. I’m a very eclectic music collector so there’s something for EVERYONE. ^_^ I try to give a description of each band or artist so that you know what you’re getting into. ^_^ Please thank me if you do download. ^^ There are like....a lot of downloads…

Here is what I have of my play list so far click here for my playlist

Uploads are alphabetized meticulously by artist and then within that by song title o.o

Also, new this time around. You have to join kits_candy_land to download as the downloads are f-locked on it. I hope this isn't too much trouble but it's better for me. ^_^ I have fiction and things on there but I don't post too much so it won't be one of those groups that flood your f-list everyday. But a lot of times I might do some uploads and only post on there and no where else so if you don't mind random original fiction (f-locked as well), fanfiction or graphics than join. Again I only post once or twice every one or two weeks. Anyway, I'm rambling! Please join and check out the music I've uploaded for y'all!

ALL FILES ARE UPLOADED ON MEGAUPLOAD AND SENDSPACE! (prefer you using MU so I can get reward points. Please? O.o)

If you have to use Sendspace and any of the links are old then just tell me and I’ll reup them…

( Requests and Music )
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