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:: JPop like WHOA ::

Misce11aneous ::jpop like whoa::
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Jrock accompanies our everyday lives. There's a song for everything. Laruku's Driver's High for um, driving, Vanilla by Gackt when we get down and funky (I'm nooott saying it!), Life Goes On by Dragon Ash for chilling, Inside the Pervert Mound, Freedom Fighter, and Fuck! (by hide, Meevers, and Headphones President, respectively) for jumping around to, singing in mangled Japanese when we're full of angst. Well, you get the picture. But alas, this is not a place for Jrock.

With dark exists the light. I'm talking about Jpop, Jrock's super-genki-genki-peace! little schoolgirl sister. Call it the bane of your existence, your guilty pleasure, your other half, the light to your dark, whatever, Jpop is lurking, lurking. Like the people who don't comment when they gank. (Shame! Shame!) Some of you like it, some of you don't.

You're thinking, "WTF is your point?!?" Well I (lolita_darling) was doing a search by interest on LJ, and I was looking for a place with people regularly requesting and sharing the love, and commenting when they get stuff. But for Jpop.

So Misce11aneous, a Jpop-music sharing community, was born. There are currently three mods running this ship (we're crossing our fingers and hoping it sails XDD): mikiri, myy, and lolita_darling.

What does Misce11aneous require of you? Absolutely nothing. As this is kind of patterned after our affiliate shame1ess, we want you to have freedom (Imagine Freedom Fighter by Meevers playing in the background). Request that m-flo song. Don't be afraid to ask for that Lead song you don't have. Upload your newest CHEMISTRY album or the latest Morning Musume Maxi Single. Share. Give. Take. Glomp.

The three of us only have a couple of rules (yes, boo us... no, I'm just kidding!), and they're probably the most common rules you'll find on any site or blog that allows music sharing:

[1] This is probably the most important rule ever made: Comment if you take anything. People worked hard to upload these nice jpop mp3s/perfs/PVs for us, stared at the progress bar on YouSendIt zooming left to right for 10 minutes or so, drummed their fingers impatiently on their desks, wiped the sweat from their brows... you get it, don't you? Even a little 'Thanks for the (insert file name here)' will suffice. Really. One comment makes a big difference. ^__^

[2] Please do not post things that are irrelevant to Jpop. We're all nice people, but we don't want some politics-laden rant (e.g., "I hate (insert politician's name here)") or that you're so depressed, your girl/boyfriend dumped you, your hamster died, and you want to kill yourself (um, please, please don't). For the record, Kpop can sneak in every so often, but our focus is Jpop. You can find oodles of Jrock at our affiliate, shame1ess.

[3] Offer something when you request. A take-take relationship isn't a good one, but this is the kind that we usually see on most comms. If you're requesting a PV, you don't have to upload another PV in return (unless you want to of course, then no problem); a nice mp3 or 2 will do.

[4] No trolling. Please be nice to everyone in the comm. Don't force us mods to bite.

[5] It sucks, we really don't follow this, but... drum roll please... Delete the files after 24 hours. Support the artists and stuff like that.


shame1ess Because elitism sucks.